1 lb Gold Paydirt 7 Pc. Panning Kit Guaranteed Gold from claims in Atlantic City, WY


Explore the thrill of gold panning with our 7PC Gold Panning Set In Box! This comprehensive kit includes everything you need for successful gold recovery and mineral sorting.

What’s Included:

(1) Steel Mesh Classifier Screen 1/2″ MESH Sort your raw materials by size with the 1/2″ mesh screen.
(2) Double Riffle Gold Pans-10″, & 14″ Two pans in sizes 10″ and 14″ with shallow and deep riffles for efficient gold extraction.
(1) Tweezer With Magnifier Glass Lens Plastic Inspect your gold and treasure up close with the attached glass lens.
(1) Snuffer Bottle | 4oz. Conveniently suck up gold with this 4oz plastic snuffer bottle.
(2) Glass Vials Store your treasures securely with two glass vials equipped with plastic, screw-on caps.
(1) 1 lb bag of World Earth Minerals Rock Creek gold paydirt is guaranteed to have 0.20+ grams of gold

Key Features:

  • Efficient Classification Screen: Sort raw materials effectively based on size with the 13.25″ diameter and 3.5″ depth screen.
  • High-Quality Gold Pans: Crafted with double-riffle design, these pans can capture even the finest micron gold.
  • Convenient Tools: The tweezers with magnifying glass allow for precise inspection, while the snuffer bottle ensures easy gold retrieval.
  • Durable Construction: Each tool is designed for durability and reliability to withstand rigorous gold panning activities.

Uncover the excitement of gold prospecting and mineral recovery with our 7PC Gold Panning Set In Box. Order now and embark on your treasure hunting journey with confidence!

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