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Jack the C.O.D.
(Chief Operating Dog)

Jack is our CEO’s right-hand dog. He goes everywhere with CEO Irvin Johnson. Jack can be found in our corporate office, our retail store, riding in the passenger seat of Irv’s car, under Irv’s shirt or as the watchdog to our Wyoming Property.


Jack is a purebred teacup Chihuahua weighing just 5 pounds. Pictured here on a ride in Wisconsin with Irv to do research on setting up a rock store.


Jack is by one of the log cabins on the property. He is always looking to protect Irv and can be seen checking the ground to make sure there are no bad varmints close.

The state of Wyoming installed security barriers on some of our mines. Part of Jack’s weekly security duty is to check each mine to see if it is safe. Some of our mines go down hundreds of feet and could be dangerous.

Jack's Mother Comes to Visit


Jack was sleeping, as usual, and was pleasantly surprised by his Mom coming to see him. Mom is on the right.


CEO Irv was cuddling with Jack and his Mom when someone came in the store. Both dogs sprung to attention like good watch dogs to see who came in.