5 lb Gold Paydirt Gold from Rock Creek +Vial from claims in Atlantic City, WY


Looking to strike gold? Look no further than our premium offering – the (1) 5lb bag of Gold Paydirt, aptly named “The Nugget Bag”.

Guaranteed Gold! Unearth the thrill of discovery with every pan. This meticulously curated bag is a promise of adventure and treasure.

What’s Included:

  • (1) Glass Vial for your prized finds
  • FREE “Gold Panning Tips” to enhance your prospecting experience

Our Best ROI Bags! Get ready for a golden return on investment! This 5lb bag is packed with NUGGETS, Pickers, and smaller/fine gold, guaranteeing a rush like no other.

Discover the Gold: With 1.10+ grams of Gold guaranteed, you’re in for a glittering surprise with each sift. Mined from our operations in Atlantic City, Wyoming, these sluice box concentrates are the real deal.

Unmatched Quality: Rest assured, every pan is bound to yield gold. Our material undergoes rigorous processing and quality checks to ensure a golden payoff every time.

Natural Treasures: In addition to gold, our paydirt may contain small, naturally occurring ruby chips and garnet, adding to the excitement of your prospecting journey.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: At World Earth Minerals, your satisfaction is paramount. We stand behind every bag of paydirt, ensuring an unparalleled experience from start to finish.

A Note of Caution: While our paydirt is meticulously cleaned and triple-checked, it may contain natural elements and artifacts from the earth. Your safety and satisfaction remain our utmost concern. Raw material from Rock creek, although cleaned with a magnet & triple -checked, has potential to contain items such as but not limited to – foreign objects, metals, glass, fishing weights, organic matter etc.

Embark on your gold-seeking adventure with “The Nugget Bag” – your gateway to the thrill of the hunt and the promise of precious metals. Order now and let the journey begin!

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