2006-S San Francisco Old Mint Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar


Don’t miss out on this limited-edition commemorative silver dollar! Struck in 90% silver, it honors the San Francisco Old Mint and its role in helping the city survive the earthquake and fire of 1906. Its one-year-only design features the historic Old Mint on the obverse, along with its nickname, “THE GRANITE LADY”. And its reverse proudly replicates the Eagle reverse of the Morgan silver dollar that circulated in 1906.

In 1906, a great earthquake and fire destroyed much of San Francisco. The Old Mint’s solid construction, which earned it the nickname “THE GRANITE LADY,” helped her survive the disaster. But even that might not have been enough without the heroic efforts of mint employees and ten U.S. Coast Artillery soldiers, who battled 200-foot flames using a hose, buckets, and an artesian well. Their heroism ensured the Old Mint’s survival and became a beacon of hope for the entire city. In the days that followed, the Old Mint played a major role in helping to rebuild the city.

Your stunning silver dollar was struck by the current San Francisco Mint and bears the coveted “S” mint mark. In Choice Proof 63 condition, it features a high-quality finish and striking detail.

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