1935 F Series Blue Seal $1 Silver Certificate Note


The 1935 F Series Blue Seal $1 Silver Certificate is a piece of U.S. currency that holds historical significance. Here are some key points about this particular note:

Blue Seal: The Blue Seal on the 1935 F Series indicates that the currency is a Silver Certificate, meaning it was backed by a specific amount of silver held in reserves by the U.S. government. At the time of issuance, this note could be exchanged for one silver dollar’s worth of silver.

1935 F Series: The series date of 1935 F represents the year of issue and the specific letter assigned to that series. The letter “F” indicates the design variation or printing run within the 1935 series.

One Dollar Denomination: The $1 denomination of this Silver Certificate reflects its face value.

Design Elements: The design of the 1935 F Series Blue Seal $1 Silver Certificate features various symbolic and patriotic elements. The obverse typically includes a portrait of a notable figure, such as Martha or George Washington, while the reverse may showcase an image representing the United States, such as the Great Seal.

Historical Context: The 1935 F Series Silver Certificate was part of the U.S. currency system during a time when paper money was still directly linked to precious metals like silver. This practice started to change in the 1960s when the U.S. transitioned to fiat currency.

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