1/50 Mobile Track Solutions 3630 Switchback Articulating 4WD MTS-001


The 1/50 Mobile Track Solutions 3630 Switchback Articulating 4WD Tractor is a highly realistic model that replicates the versatile and powerful original machine. With its track system and 4WD capability, this tractor is built for superior traction and performance in challenging terrains. It features dual front and rear tires that further enhance its stability and maneuverability. The clear cab windows allow for a detailed view of the interior, which is intricately designed with realistic detailing. The articulating body adds to the authenticity of the model, allowing for smooth turns and precise movements. Equipped with a pin hitch, this tractor offers compatibility with various attachments. Recommended for ages 14 and up, this model is intended for display rather than play, due to its intricate detailing and delicate parts.

Recommended for 14+ years and up, not recommended or intended for play
Clear cab windows with detail interior, realistic detailing, articulating body, pin hitch
Track system & 4WD capability, dual front & rear tires
Die Cast construction with rubber wheels & some plastic parts
Approx measurement: 7in L x 4in W x 4in H

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